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Don't let a malfunctioning coolant system leave you stranded on the side of the road. Lone Star Tire & Diesel Service is a premier repair shop in Dallas, Texas, offering top-notch services to heavy-duty truck owners. They specialize in coolant system repair, an essential service that helps regulate the temperature of the engine and prevent overheating.

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The Role of the Coolant System in Heavy-Duty Trucks

The coolant system in heavy-duty trucks plays a crucial role in regulating the engine's temperature to prevent overheating. It circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze through the engine block to absorb excess heat generated by the combustion process. The mixture then transfers this heat to the radiator, where it dissipates into the air. The coolant system also prevents rust and corrosion in the engine and acts as a lubricant for the water pump and other components.

The Consequences of Neglecting Coolant System Inspections

Neglecting coolant system inspections can lead to significant engine damage and even engine failure. A malfunctioning coolant system can cause the engine to overheat, leading to reduced performance, increased emissions, and engine damage. It can also cause damage to the turbocharger and other vital engine components. Neglecting coolant system inspections can also lead to coolant leaks, which can cause low coolant levels and reduced system efficiency.

The Benefits of Regular Coolant System Inspections

Regular coolant system inspections are essential to maintaining optimal engine performance and reducing the risk of major repairs or replacements. By identifying issues early on, technicians can repair or replace components before they cause significant damage. Regular inspections by our technicians also ensure that the coolant level and quality are sufficient and free of contaminants.

Common Signs Your Coolant System Needs Repair

Leaking Coolant

Leaking coolant is a common sign that the coolant system needs repair. Coolant leaks can occur from damaged hoses, a leaking water pump, or a corroded radiator.

Contaminated Coolant

Contaminated coolant can cause significant damage to the engine. It can lead to rust and corrosion, which can cause leaks and reduce the effectiveness of the coolant system.

Overheating Engine

An overheating engine is a sign that the coolant system is not functioning correctly. It can be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat, a clogged radiator, or a leaking coolant system.

Reduced Fuel Economy

A malfunctioning coolant system can reduce fuel economy by causing the engine to work harder to maintain its temperature.

Turbocharger Failure

The turbocharger relies on a healthy coolant system to function correctly. A malfunctioning coolant system can cause the turbocharger to fail, leading to reduced engine performance.

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Mike Murphy

Absolutely the best….Real Mechanics…quality work…friendly staff…and Fair Prices…

Alan Lopez

Family owned where you feel like part of it. King pin, front axel leaf spring and all brakes replacement performed plus alignment( about 3 blocks straight when tested, didn't try more for safety reasons) . No issues at all. Easy access shop for small trucks and trailers surrounded by a huge yard where parking spots available for rent. King pins removed with the proper press no hammer, no heat. Third party financing available. I strongly recommend this business.

Orlando San Jorge

Excellent shop, every work done here is +5 stars, but alignment is from other world, if you make your alignment here, you really get what you are trying to get, maybe the only place in USA where this job is really well done! Nice people, friendly, they took a little longer than other shops, but is just a value added to get the quality they offer in their works. If I have to say it in numbers, I should say: 99.9% of the times you don't have to came back to the shop for the same issue. Nice work guys, keep it that way!

Rodery Santos

A year ago got stranded at Mannheim dallas tx, they showed up change my started quick and clean job, 6 month later my transmisión went out i was lucky enough to make it here to the same shop overhauled it, left and up to this date all good, need a shop I recommend this boys so far so good, lots of room to park your truck and trailer

Jhett Luckey

They are a awesome shop they got me in and out efficiently and I can honestly say that I’ve been to several shops in my lifetime and this the first shop I’ve been to that when I left I didn’t fell ripped of they will continue to have my business 10 out of 10 I highly recommend 💯 …

Jesus Garcia

Let me tell you if you want your truck fixed fast take it here. I had my truck at a shop for 4 months couldn’t fix it. Decided to bring it here and they fixed it in 4 day like are you serious. Best part was that they charge me about the same price the other shop tried to charge me for doing nothing.

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